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Looking for efficient and affordable cleaning services in Boston, MA and all New England area?

With our vast experience and expertly trained staff, we offer customized cleaning solutions to explicitly meet all your cleaning needs. Our staff takes great pride in doing their job thoroughly and professionally, always making sure that your business runs along seamlessly while they are at their job.

Our fully bonded and licensed service caters to commercial and industrial establishments. We give top priority to customer service and are available to serve you at a time that is convenient for you. With an impeccable record of serving the industry with excellence and integrity, we strive to be the first choice of our clients, whenever the need to provide quality cleaning service arises. We also provide janitorial services to corporate, medium and small sized businesses at rates that are easily affordable.

We are fully aware of the time constraints that a busy office premise experiences. With our modern cleaning machines we make sure that not only is the job carried out with a high degree of efficacy but is also completed faster. This however is done without compromising on the high standards of cleaning – the reason why we have a high profile client list.

Moura's Cleaning Service, Inc., Janitor Service, Fitchburg, MA